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The BAWM Story

The Hamilton BadAss Women’s Movement was founded in 2022 by Ann Marie Cilley,

franchise owner of The Casual Pint Hamilton. 

The idea was to initially focus a full month – October 2022 – on bringing “women of action” together

to discuss all aspects of personal wellness as well as to shine a light of urgency and support

on a variety of issues impacting Hamilton women.  

As the gatherings happened in preparation for, as well as during the month, magic was obvious:

strong connections were made, issues were discussed with honesty & vulnerability,

and impact was almost immediate for those involved as well as the broader Hamilton community. 

But a month is not enough to change the world and women of action aren’t limited to a calendar –

a Movement was born as October came to a close… 

Today, the Hamilton BadAss Women’s Movement is focused on:

Uniting current & future women of action in Hamilton


Empowering all women to own & enhance their total wellness

Amplifying female voices within the platforms most important to women

Impacting the Hamilton community and beyond in the areas that matter most to women

And we want to know:

What is your story?

Being a strong woman is very important to me.

But doing it all on my own is not.

Reba McEntire

Our Mission

Our Mission

Empower all women to take action

and change the world.

Our Purpose

Bring the BadAss every day.

Feel the fear and do it any way.

Lift as we climb.

Share your story with the world.

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